Works underway on $16M sediment cleanup project in Duluth, MN

J.F. Brennan Company, Inc. has been busy lately working on a sediment cleanup project in Duluth, Minnesota.

According to the company, they are dredging hydraulically, mechanically, and using a CableArm bucket to remove contaminated sediment from two ponds, located near the Duluth-Superior Harbor in the St. Louis River Area of Concern (AOC).

Earlier this year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency signed a $16 million project agreement to remediate the “Ponds behind Erie Pier.” Fast forward to this fall: Brennan crews are onsite remediating sediment, the company announced.

This sediment cleanup project will address a century’s worth of contamination, protecting public health and aquatic life while improving access to a port that is critical to the region’s economy.

Brennan will dredge approx. 60,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediment from the two ponds, and their partner, Infrastructure Alternatives, Inc., will provide geotextile tube dewatering and water treatment.

Once dredging is complete, the company will finish up by capping the area.

Photo: J.F. Brennan