IHC Plumigator boosts uptime and productivity

Since the release of the patented overflow innovation, the Plumigator, Royal IHC hasn’t stopped developing the solution.

Royal IHC

This innovative product successfully limits air release and turbidity during dredging, offering environmental as well as economic benefits.

While successful in limiting air release and turbidity during dredging, the Plumigator overflow was not without its own challenges.

In some challenging projects the dredging process needed to be halted due to debris clogging up the gratings which cover the water inlets. The gratings, which are meant to keep out large foreign objects, collected tree stumps, sea grass and lots of plastic debris.

By adjusting the inlet opening sizes and making part of the overflow moveable, IHC created a larger passage for debris and further reduced the need for grating.

Making the insert moveable ensures the release of yet collected debris and ease of accessibility for maintenance and inspection. Both ultimately improve uptime as operations no longer need to halt for lengthy, costly and sometimes tedious maintenance work.

Based on valuable customer feedback IHC has been able to improve the functionality and operational efficiency further. So far, the company has installed the improved Plumigator overflow on over 20 dredging vessels both newly fitted and retrofit.

The company’s latest blog covers all of the recent updates, a must read article for industry professionals who want to boost uptime and reduce the environmental impact of the dredging operations.