Dredging in the Bahamas PHOTO

Approximately one decade ago Boskalis carried out the expansion of the Nassau cruise terminal in the Bahamas and the extension and widening of the access channel.


In order to accommodate the very largest cruise ships, the government of the Bahamas wanted to make the cruise terminal suitable in record time.

The work included the dredging and cutting of approximately 1.5 million cubic meters of rocky soil and sand, the construction of a 1,300 meter long sheet pile wall and the construction of three enormous dolphins for mooring the mega cruise ships.

During the works, Boskalis implemented multiple innovative solutions to meet strict environmental requirements: an active dewatering system to prevent surface water from turbidity, placing silt screens to provide beach visitors with clear bathing water at all times and an impressive 600 meter long floating S-curve HDPE pipeline, which was very time efficient to weld.

The project was completed at the beginning of 2010, well within the deadline.