WEDA announces their next webinar

Western Dredging Association (WEDA) will today (October 19th) deliver their next webinar titled “PFAS – Coming Soon to a Sediment Site Near You”.

The webinar will try to answer the following questions: What are PFAS; Will contaminated sites re-open for PFAS; What sediment remediation techniques will work best for PFAS; How will environmental and navigational dredging be impacted by PFAS; etc.

The presenter of the webinar is Dr. Jason Conder, Geosyntec Consultants. He is a Principal Scientist based in California with more than 15 years of experience focused on risk assessment and contaminated sediments in contaminated site assessment and management, environmental toxicology, and ecological and human health risk assessment.

An internationally recognized expert on PFAS, his work has included several product- and site-specific PFAS fate and risk assessments and he has published several articles on PFAS, including two peer-reviewed papers on PFAS use, fate, and bioaccumulation.

He has also published two guidance documents for the US Department of Defense – a PFAS “Frequently Asked Questions” document and a guidance on PFAS ecological risk assessment.

This webinar is being offered by WEDA as part of their mission to share knowledge and information about dredging.

Photo: EPA