Carolina and Kure Beach projects to begin this winter

The US Army Corps of Engineers has reprogrammed construction funds to the Carolina Beach and Kure Beach Coastal Storm Risk Management Projects in New Hanover County, NC.


According to the Corps, the plan is to solicit a contract in time to complete the work in this winter’s environmental window, from 16 November 2021 – 30 April 2022.

These projects are important to the towns and USACE as they provide protection from coastal storms and significantly reduce coastal storm risks such as: erosion, wave attack and inundation, land loss, and property loss. The projects also provide significant economic benefits to the local beach towns and the region.

“Southeastern North Carolina’s beaches drive significant job growth and economic activity for our local coastal communities,” commented Congressman David Rouzer. “We also count on our coastline as the first line of defense against powerful storms, and consistent beach renourishment projects are key to limiting the financial losses these major storms would otherwise cause.

Overall, the Carolina Beach and Kure Beach work will include dredging, transporting, placing, planting and shaping beach fill and performing all pre and post construction beach surveys.

The borrow area for both projects is located at the Kure Beach Borrow Area B. The estimated beach fill quantities for Carolina Beach is 865,000 cubic yards of beach-quality sand and for Kure Beach 920,000 CY.