New edition of WEDA’s Journal of Dredging

Western Dredging Association (WEDA) recently published a new edition of its Journal of Dredging, the Volume 19, Issue 3.

The Journal of Dredging provides the dissemination of technical and project information on dredging engineering topics. The peer-reviewed papers in this practice-oriented journal present engineering solutions to dredging and placement problems, which are not normally available from traditional journals.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to, dredging techniques, hydrographic surveys, dredge automation, dredge safety, instrumentation, design aspects of dredging projects, dredged material placement, environmental and beneficial uses, contaminated sediments, litigation, economic aspects, and case studies.

The Volume 19, Issue 3 of WEDA’s Journal of Dredging includes two manuscripts describing successful projects that should serve as useful examples of innovative management of dredged sediments.

The first paper describes the use of maintenance dredging sediment in coastal New Jersey for a range of beneficial uses. It demonstrates how dredged sediment can add value to the local community and environment.

The second manuscript describes a Brazilian project which dredged relatively clean sediment from an inlet adjacent to a critical shipping channel to form a CAD cell. Contaminated sediments from the shipping channel were placed in the CAD cell and capped to isolate them from the environment. This manuscript describes extensive environmental monitoring conducted during the placement of contaminated sediments into the CAD cell.

Volume 19, No. 3 edition of the Journal of Dredging can be read online by clicking here.

Photo: WEDA