Dredging at Wahkiakum Ferry Channel

Wahkiakum County officials have just announced that the Ferry Oscar B will be shutting down for dredging of the Westport Oregon ferry ramp and channel beginning Tuesday, November 2nd thru Wednesday, December 8th.

The Wahkiakum Ferry Channel is authorized to 9 feet deep and 200 feet wide, from the ferry berth at Puget Island, Wash., to deep water in the Columbia River. The project is located across from Westport Slough channel in Oregon.

The navigation channel supports the Wahkiakum Ferry, which provides interstate transportation to the entire Lower Columbia region. The ferry runs between Cathlamet, Wash. and Westport, Ore., carrying more than 50,000 vehicles each year.

Shoaling generally moves into the ferry channel from upstream and dredging by a clamshell contract dredge is required every 2-to-3 years to maintain authorized depth.

The ferry channel and the ramp were last dredged in early 2010 and the dredged material was placed at an in-water site.

Photo: USACE