Unique Alia Density Meter (ADM) presented at Europort

In one of the sessions of this year’s Europort event, the Enschede-based Alia Instruments took the opportunity to present their one of a kind non-nuclear slurry density meter – the Alia Density Meter (ADM).

Alia Instruments

The ADM offers accurate real-time data, allowing clients to truly optimize their production while eliminating the costs of special certifications and the disposal of hazardous materials.

Measuring the density of slurries is traditionally done with gamma meters.

“The radioactive source however is the cause of a lot of practical drawbacks with regards to licenses, training, shipment and operators who have their reservations about using such technology,” Jan Peters, Managing Director, explained. “Furthermore it has an impact on the business management of companies who have to answer to society’s pressure to reduce nuclear waste, and to operate in a sustainable manner. The Alia Density Meter is an electromechanical alternative without these drawbacks.”

The ADM is positioned in-line in the slurry pipeline. The density, defined as the slurry mass per volume unit, is measured under dynamic conditions, i.e. when the slurry is flowing. Inside the density meter, an actuator exerts a force with a known value and frequency onto the slurry, while an accelerometer measures its resulting acceleration.

Newton’s second law of motion F = m • a, which relates the force F to the acceleration a via the mass m, is utilized to determine the mass of the slurry. The slurry volume is a known factor in the measuring tube of the meter. This means that the measured slurry density is nearly immediate and accurate, regardless of pipe diameter or slurry composition.

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