New EDDY Chrome patent-pending metal for slurry & dredge pumps

Eddy Pump, an engineering company that builds dredge equipment and industrial pumps, continues to evolve and set the pace for slurry pump technology.

Eddy Pump

According to the company, their team of engineers has developed a new state-of-the-art metallurgical formulation.

After years of computational materials engineering software analysis, Eddy Pump has developed the patent-pending Eddy Chrome metal formulation. This new metal blend in combination with a special heat treatment process is now being used on all of their abrasive-resistant pumps.

This new patent-pending metal is more abrasion and impact-resistant than High Chrome White Iron. The new Eddy Chrome metal has a hardness factor that exceeds 650 min on the Brinell Hardness Scale and a Max Bend Stress Yield Strength of over 190 KPSI.

“We are excited to pair the best slurry pump design with the most cutting-edge metallurgical formulation and push the boundaries of the pump industry,” the company announced.

This metal – ideal for harsh applications including dredging, high abrasive pumping, tailings and mining – will be the new standard metal used on Eddy pumps, including rotors, volute, suction plate and backing plate.

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