Exmouth’s Town beach replenishment kicks off

Work has started to widen town beach using sand currently trapped north and south of the Exmouth Boat Harbour breakwater, reports the WA Department of Transport.

DoT Director of Coastal Facilities Donna West said that this sand bypassing and replenishment project would see about 25,000 cubic metres of sand relocated during a month-long campaign.

“To ensure the entrance to the boat harbour remains safe for navigation sand will be excavated using heavy machinery and trucked to Town Beach where a grader will create a natural beach profile,” Ms West said.

“The majority of the sand will be taken from Neale Cove, south of the harbour, where the sediment build up could endanger safe navigation at the entrance channel,” West added.

The work, due for completion in mid-December, assists the natural drift of sand and will replenish Town Beach and assist eroding beaches to the north.

Photo: WA Department of Transport