Galileo High Accuracy Service for hydrographic survey and dredging

GEOTAG Engenharia, a Brazilian hydrographic company that specializes in bathymetric surveys and dredge works monitoring, has selected the ANavS® Multi-Sensor RTK/PPP & Galileo HAS receiver for precise and reliable position, velocity and 3D-attitude (heading, pitch, roll and heave) information.

ANavS® patented and innovative Sensor Fusion combines on a single board platform Multi-GNSS and Multi-Frequency RTK/PPP Technology, customer-selectable MEMS IMUs, a barometer and a multi communication interface for reception of additional sensor data.

“We are pleased to have ANavS® all in one innovation platform for our projects,” said Bartolomeu Fontes, founder and CEO at GEOTAG Engenharia Ltda. “ANavS® is the perfect fit to attend client’s challenging job and accuracy requests, the unique GNSS sensor platform technology will ensure the success of the projects.”

The platform performs a tight coupling of all sensor data with an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). Temporary GNSS outages (below bridges, in narrow canyons or sheltered location) or high multipath (e.g. below trees) are overcome by the fusion of of additional sensors. Thereby, precise position and attitude information is still provided in challenging environments.

Using Galileo’s free-of-charge high-accuracy Precise Point Positioning corrections service HAS directly via satellite will allow a real-time position accuracy better than 20 cm (horizontal) and let GEOTAG become one of the first users of the Galileo HAS corrections in South America.

GEOTAG will implement the position and heading receivers on their survey vessels and remote controlled boat ASV-USV for bathymetric survey on Brazilian waterway Tiête-Parana. The receivers will also be used on dredgers for positioning and monitoring applications.

Photo: Warnow C