Hastings boat ramp dredging to begin in mid-March

The Mornington Peninsula Shire, located south-east of Melbourne, Victoria, announced recently that they will begin dredging at Hastings boat ramp in mid-March 2022, following Westernport Angling Club’s Whiting Challenge.

Originally scheduled to be completed in July/August this year, the works have been delayed for a few reasons including availability of the dredging contractor, impact to the peak fishing season and COVID-19 restrictions.

According to the Shire officials, dredging will deepen the channel and accommodate the recently upgraded boat ramp, ensuring boats and watercraft can safely access the area in all tides.

The upgraded boat ramp, completed in November 2020, extended the length of the previous boat ramp by six metres and provided a connecting walkway to the existing floating pontoon.

Next steps include dredging to provide improved access and installation of a second pontoon.

“Channel dredging at Hastings is expected to take approximately 10 weeks and is dependent on weather conditions,” the officials said. “Once dredging occurs, the impact to those using the boat ramp will be minimised as much as possible, with full closure of the ramp estimated at five days. The closure will take place mid-week at a time of low usage, while dredging at the end of the ramp is carried out.”

Construction of the second pontoon will begin once the dredging works are completed. The new pontoon will mirror the existing one on the southern side of the boat ramp in Hastings.

Photo: Better Boating Victoria