Port of Long Beach dredging plan sent to Congress

Lt. Gen. Scott Spellmon, USACE Commanding General and 55th Chief of Engineers, recently signed a Chiefs Report recommending the Port of Long Beach Deep Draft Navigation Plan to Congress.


According to the Corps, this plan could be included in the next Water Resources Development Act. A separate bill to appropriate funding to the plan would also have to be passed by Congress for the plan to move forward to construction.

The main aim of the Port of Long Beach Deep Draft Navigation Project is to improve existing navigation channels within the Port of Long Beach making better conditions for current and future vessels.

The plan calls for the deepening of the existing Federal channels and construction of a new one with turning basin by dredging and disposing of up to 7 million cubic yards of sediment.

USACE officials expect that the construction could begin in 2024 with approximately 39 months needed to complete the works.

Click here to learn more about the plan from the Corps’ Los Angeles District.