Maintaining radioactive sources on Jan De Nul’s dredgers

Jan De Nul’s hopper and cutter dredgers have radioactive sources on board – they measure the density to determine the productivity of the vessel.

The maintenance of these sources requires a safe and controlled approach.

Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) Advisor, Benjamín Tenconi, has built up expertise in working with radioactive sources in Argentina in such a way that he is now invited to act as advisor in a governmental council.

JDN photo

Annual measurements, preparing and assisting visits and audits, or even carrying out replacements, when it comes to radioactive sources on board, Benjamín bears full responsibility.

“In Argentina, it is mandatory to have a person responsible for the radioactive sources”, he said.

“Otherwise, you don’t get your license to handle such sensitive materials. As a QHSSE Advisor, I was best placed to fulfil this role. I followed an intensive course to meet the necessary criteria and I’ve been exploring this interesting subject matter ever since.”

Benjamín’s knowledge, personality and experience have now earned him a seat in the Advisory Council on Radioisotopes and Ionizing Radiation Applications (CAAR) in Argentina.

Together with his colleagues, he will advise on regulation and legislation for industrial applications of radioactive sources.

Photo: JDN