DEME green duo proves success on River Elbe

DEME Group’s green duo was spotted earlier this week handing over their duties on the River Elbe fairway in Germany.

One of their newest hoppers, the  8,300 m³ ‘Meuse River’, took over the maintenance campaign after a successful intervention by the renowned trailing suction hopper dredger ‘Scheldt River’.

Other members of their fleet, including the trailing suction hopper dredgers ‘Uilenspiegel’ and ‘Lange Wapper’, and water injection dredger ‘Dhamra’, have also been busy along the Elbe in recent months.

DEME photo

To ensure the safe passage of vessels from the North Sea to all of the harbours along the River Elbe, especially the Port of Hamburg, the navigational channel and the tributaries have to be maintained to a certain depth. 

The channel is 116 km long and extends from the North Sea to Hamburg.

Photo: DEME