Work kicks off on the Alverstoke coastal scheme

The scheme that will improve flood defences in Alverstoke, Gosport, commenced this month, Coastal Partners report.

Coastal Partners

Work is underway along the footpath at the western end of Stoke Lake to prepare the area for construction. The footpath is closed to the public and an alternative route is in place, the project’s officials announced today.

In 2015 the River Hamble to Portchester Strategy identified that low lying properties in Alverstoke were vulnerable and at significant risk to tidal flooding.

Alongside Gosport Borough Council and the local community, Coastal Partners have been working to ensure new defences are built to protect the area from flooding.

With Environment Agency funding secured and planning permission granted, construction of the defences can now begin.

The existing defences at Alverstoke can currently only provide a 1 in 20 year standard of flood protection. On the other hand, the new defences are designed to protect against a 1 in 100 year until 2060.