Positive movement on Missouri River repairs

The USACE Kansas City District has received significant funds to make repairs to river training structures on the Missouri River damaged over the years culminating in the floods of 2019.

“I’m pleased to share that there is positive movement on Missouri River repairs to training structures. The District anticipates receiving over $270 million within the District footprint alone,” said Col. Travis Rayfield, the Kansas City District commander.

The funds will allow USACE to repair structures of the Bank Stabilization and Navigation Project, known in short as the BSNP, that provide for the self-scouring ability of the Missouri River as well as structures that stabilize the channel of the Missouri River.

USACE will award more repair contracts this year to target both BSNP and side-channel chute projects with the intent to have all structures repaired by December 2025.

According to USACE, this timeline is primarily driven by the limitations of available contractors to perform the work and the supply of rock to place on structures.

The forecasted drought and remaining damaged structures may result in navigation challenges in 2022.

“USACE will seek to minimize those challenges by listening to our partners and responding quickly. The current expected level of flow support will be eight feet deep this year instead of the norm of nine feet deep in the navigation channel,” according to their official statement.

Photo: USACE