Danos completes four coastal restoration projects in Louisiana

Danos completed four coastal restoration projects in south Louisiana recently, on behalf of Shell Pipeline Company.

“Louisiana’s coast is vital to our industry and our environment,” said Paul Danos, CEO of Danos.

“Using technology to help restore the ecosystem is one way Danos is living our purpose of solving big challenges for our customers and our communities.”

“Shell is committed to making a positive contribution to biodiversity in critical habitat areas where we operate, such as Louisiana’s coast, while delivering safe and reliable operations,” added Greg Mouras, general manager operations, Shell Pipeline Company.

“We value Danos and Natrx’s support in bringing innovative, nature-based projects to life which serve both objectives, enabling important sustainability benefits, including wetland conservation and oyster creation, while protecting our pipeline infrastructure.”

In partnership with Natrx, Danos managed the project on behalf of Shell, including designing the technical drawings and installation plans.

Danos’ construction team then completed the infrastructure fabrication and aided in installation on-site, in the marshes of Terrebonne Parish.

Photo: Natrx