Creating Living Breakwaters with Big Float E35

Remu Oy’s Big Float E35 is currently busy working on a costal protection and restoration project in the southern portion of Lower New York Bay Living Breakwaters.

The program, conducted by Weeks Marine, is an innovative coastal green infrastructure project designed to reduce or reverse erosion and damage from storm waves, improve the ecosystem health of Raritan Bay, and encourage stewardship of nearshore waters and generally enhance people’s experience of the shoreline of southern Staten Island.

In January, work was largely taking place off-site, according to the latest project update.

The Weeks Marine crews moved the W537 crane to the Greenville Yard in Jersey City for maintenance and to prepare it for the stone placement operation.

After two months of being away, the red W537 E-crane is back at the site accompanied by floating amphibious excavators.

This floating equipment will help Weeks Marine with the stone placement operation which commenced in February.

The initial stone placement work focuses on Breakwater “A” with the construction of a 100-foot test section that will be used to establish an in-field standard for the subsequent construction activity.

This test section is scheduled to finished in the following days.

Photo: Heavy Truck Photos