CentrePort kicks off Wellington dredging

CentrePort is undertaking the Wellington Harbour maintenance dredging works to ensure sufficient depths for shipping at some of its wharves, and improvements to shipping channel safety.

The Dutch Dredging company vessel Albatros returns to clear build-ups of sand in front of the Aotea Quay, and the Thorndon Container, Seaview and Burnham wharves.  

The Albatros will be working in areas immediately in front of the wharves, known as ‘berth pockets’. 

centreport.co.nz photo

The wharves all play vital roles for CentrePort and importers/exporters.  

Aotea Quay facilitates the movement of bulk cargoes such as logs and vehicles. 

Thorndon Wharf, home to CentrePort’s two large ship-to-shore cranes, allows the movement of shipping containers. 

Seaview is where fuel for the lower North Island is offloaded, while all Wellington Airport’s aviation fuel goes through Burnham Wharf.

Photo: centreport.co.nz