Ecoshape presents ‘Integrated system-based asset management’ report

Nature Based Solutions have proved their worth in the past decade. Their use and even necessity is acknowledged by the UN (Climate adaptation Summit January 25-26 2021), the EU (European Environment Agency) and the US (USACE Engineering with Nature books), just to name a few.

Question is how to mainstream the use of these techniques and get them out of the pilot paradox situation.

Ecoshape recently presented a paper named “Integrated System-based Asset Management” in which the company discusses the essential findings that emerge from more than a decade of EcoShape experience in BwN knowledge development, projects and dialogue with key Dutch stakeholders.

The paper advises the adoption of Integrated System-based Asset Management for mainstream BwN projects in the Netherlands. The authors hope the findings and the recommendations presented in the report will motivate Dutch water managers to embed a system-based vision with BwN at its centre in Dutch water policies.

To read the paper, please click here.