Manson wrapping up work in Oceanside, CA

Manson Construction is wrapping up another busy construction season in the City of Oceanside Harbor, California.

As of May 11th approximately 205,000 cubic yards of sand has been dredged from the Harbor Inlet and deposited on City beaches, officials reported yesterday.

“The high surf warnings that were expected to occur this past weekend, did not materialize. Manson Construction did not need to remove the dredge pipe under the City Pier. This allowed them to continue depositing dredged sand south of the Pier,” the city said in the update.

They added that Manson expects to continue dredging for approximately 2-3 more days in order to meet the contract requirement of 245,000 cubic yards.

“Demobilization will start immediately after the contract requirement is met. No dredge pipe will be removed during the weekend due to expected high beach use. The entire demobilization will take 8-9 days.”

Based on this estimate, all dredge vessels and equipment will be gone several days before Memorial Day weekend.

Photo: Oceanside Harbor