IHC Beaver dredger delivered in Vietnam

Royal IHC has successfully completed delivery and hand-over of the “DACINCO 07”, a Beaver® 65 DDSP cutter suction dredger, to DACINCO Investment Construction Company Limited in Vietnam.

Royal IHC

According to IHC, on Tuesday May 17th, Director Dredging Standard Modular Vessels Catina Geselschap handed over the symbolic key of ‘’DACINCO 07’’ during the ceremony in Vietnam.

Catina commented that the ceremony marks the start of a long-term partnership. “This moment represents a change. It was in 2013 that we delivered the last Beaver in Vietnam. With DACINCO as a strong and reliable partner in Vietnam we hope to do much more business together in the future.”

Mr. Khuong Van Huy, Chairman of DACINCO Investment Construction Company Limited, further confirmed the sentiment. He addressed the strength of Royal IHC’s Beaver® dredgers stating it is “one of the most innovative, advanced and ideal cutter suction dredges currently in the world”.

Current work is focused on commissioning the dredger and taking it to its project location, as well as training staff and crew.

This new Beaver® vessel will aid DACINCO in developing their dredging capabilities, and will make their dredge department one of leading markets in their company.