Beach renourishment work closes section of Kure Beach

A section of Kure Beach will remain closed over the Memorial Day weekend to the continue the beach renourishment program that began in Carolina Beach at the end of February.

Carolina Beach & Kure Beach Community

Kure Beach Mayor, Craig Bloszinsky, announced Wednesday that the Town decided to allow contractors to continue pumping sand through the Memorial Day weekend in order to pump the remaining 150,000 cubic feet of sand that will complete the project.

“Yesterday, a new schedule was officially approved to ensure we can achieve the ENTIRE template,” announced Bloszinsky on the Town of Kure Beach website.

“We have a program extension through June 12. This includes the demobilization of the pipes and all equipment.”

Also, Bloszinsky said that this would impact some of the Ocean Dunes area and, although the remainder of the beach will remain open, pipes will remain in place until the project is complete.