Dunk Island sand nourishment wraps up

The Sand Nourishment Program on Dunk Island is now complete, with rehabilitation and replenishment works conducted at the Jetty area and surrounds to combat ongoing erosion. 

Cassowary Coast Regional Council

The works, undertaken by Cassowary Coast Regional Council, consisted of relocating sand sourced from Palloon Beach near Dunk Island Spit, to the shores around the Jetty structure.

The sand nourishment works were carried out under a Marine Park Authority permit and will protect the area from ongoing erosion and ensure erosion is effectively managed into the future.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council photo

Due to the location of the erosion, this area cannot be protected from erosion with a hard structure or sea wall, therefore the relocation of sand every two or three years is necessary.

The works involved heavy machinery carting and relocating sand between these areas. Since the completion of the works, all machinery has been removed and public access has been restored.