Boskalis switches to Waalhaven green shore power facility

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and Eneco plan to construct shore-based power facilities in the Waalhaven, so that moored Boskalis vessels can run on green electricity instead of fossil fuels.


The shore-based power installation will be built on the Boskalis site in the Waalhaven, Rotterdam.

There are two berths on the quay at this location, which are both frequently used. Vessels come to the Boskalis Waalhaven location for maintenance and to be mobilized for offshore projects.

The intended completion date of the green shore power installation is June 2023, and it will supply 2 GWh of green electricity per year.

According to Boskalis, this will reduce CO2 emissions by 1.6 kiloton per year.

After the shore power electricity installation on the Rozenburg peninsula and the Hoek van Holland ferry terminal in Rotterdam, the Boskalis location in the Waalhaven will be the third quayside electricity installation for seagoing vessels in the Port of Rotterdam.