Damen delivers another dredger in record time

Damen has announced successful delivery of a cutter suction dredger, type CSD650, to a customer in Kuwait.


According to Damen, the stationary dredger (named GD4000) was mobilized from stock and outfitted, inspected and delivered from the yard to HAC Cranes, all in just 44 days from contract signature.

After some modification work and the installation of some extra onboard options in Kuwait, the dredger will be put into operation by Gulf Dredging.

“This large dredger has been delivered incredibly fast,” said Mr Boran Bekbulat, Regional Sales Director. “Due to the remarkable cooperation between all parties involved, who were all energized by the urgent requirement for the dredger, all phases of the delivery process went smoothly. The dredger was even towed to Kuwait by the end user itself in record time.”

The CSD650 was built at Damen Albwardy’s shipyard in Sharjah, Dubai. As such, it had just been added to the dredger stock and so was available for immediate delivery.

When the customer expressed the requirement for an immediately available stationary dredger, the CSD650 was put forward and, with the contract signed, began customization using options also available in stock.

To address the challenging timing with regard to logistics and supply, the parties collaborated successfully to arrange for the final customization and installation work to be completed in Kuwait after delivery.

This customization process included adding an anchor boom installation, a deck crane and a dredging instrumentation package. Moreover, navigation and communication equipment was added on the customer’s request. The CSD650 is designed to pump up to 7,000 m3/h at a maximum dredging depth of around 18 meters.