Backhoe dredger Goliath arrives in Harwich

Van Oord’s backhoe dredger Goliath has arrived in Harwich to take its part in the Channel Deepening Project.

Van Oord

According to the Harwich Haven Authority (HHA), the Goliath will over the next week or so dredge the main channel together with the self-powered split-hopper barges Pieter Caland and Cornelis Lely.

The arrival of the backhoe dredger was necessary due to the many large boulders that were found on the site, approximately 34,000. In order to remove these boulders from the seabed, the contractors will use specialised equipment – the backhoe dredger Goliath.

As reported, the dredger will excavate strips along the channel, loading material into a split-hopper barge moored alongside. When full, these barges will sail to the Inner Gabbard East disposal site and discharge.

“If required, the backhoe dredger will move out of the channel to facilitate passing vessels and will wait outside the channel or in the Platters anchorage. Moves out of the channel or between cuts, will be assisted by the tug, Buzzard,” said HHA in the update.

The dredging contractor, appointed by Harwich Haven Authority to carry out the Channel Deepening Project, is the Boskalis Westminster/Van Oord Joint Venture.