Ada Hayden dredging begins

A contractor will be starting the Ada Hayden Heritage Park Wetland Dredging Project on Friday, September 30, the City of Ames said.

The project includes removing approximately 3,800 cubic yards of soil and sediment from one of the wetland cells located on the west side of the park that has reached capacity. The soil will be taken to an offsite location. 

“The wetland cells on the western and southern portions of the park have a very specific role in protecting the water. The cells slow stormwater entering the park and allow soil, sediment, and contaminants to be deposited in the wetlands instead of entering the lake,” said Joshua Thompson, Parks and Facilities Superintendent.

“When stormwater settles in the wetlands, aquatic plants and organisms absorb the nutrients and reduce contaminants in the 130-acre lake.”

Protecting Ada Hayden Lake is important because it serves as the backup water source for the City of Ames.

The Ada Hayden Heritage Park Watershed is more than 2,000 acres. Dredging the soil and sediment from the wetland cells ensures the wetlands continue to work as originally constructed.

The project was designed and engineered by the City of Ames Water and Pollution Control Department.

The total project, including sediment removal and dormant seeding of the area disturbed by the project, will last approximately six weeks, weather dependent.