Rohde Nielsen finishes Aveiro Port dredging

Rohde Nielsen’s TSHDs Brage R and Thor R, assisted by Rimfaxe R, have recently finished this year’s work at Aveiro Port in Portugal, successfully removing 450.000 m3.

Rohde Nielsen
Rohde nielsen photo

RN has been managing the maintenance of Aveiro Port on many different occasions and has now been awarded a new three-year maintenance contract for the client APA.

In total, around 1.700.000 m3 of sediment is set to be dredged.

Rohde Nielsen operates worldwide as a general contractor as well as a subcontractor.

The fleet of RN consists of a wide range of vessels, including hopper and grab dredgers, multi-purpose offshore vessels, backhoe dredgers, bucket dredgers, hopper barges, barge unloaders, and survey vessels, and tugboats.