WEDA Journal of Dredging Volume 20, Issue 1

Business development

Western Dredging Association (WEDA) has just released the latest edition of its ‘Journal of Dredging’, with some of the most interesting dredging-related topics presented to the audience.


The Volume 20, Issue 1 of the WEDA’s Journal includes five manuscripts covering a wide range of technical topics related to dredging and sediment management.

Two manuscripts describe results from field studies conducted at the Seven Mile Island Innovation Laboratory (SMIIL) in southern New Jersey. SMIIL is a unique collaboration between Federal, State, academic, and private partners with similar interests in protecting and restoring New Jersey’s important marshes. Their bold, forward-looking approach sets an outstanding example of leadership through partnership. Hopefully, many others follow this blueprint.

The first SMIIL paper, from colleagues of Tim Welp, describes a mathematical model of a sediment distribution pipe. The second SMIIL paper (third manuscript in this issue) describes water quality impacts associated with unconfined placement of hydraulically dredged sediment on Sturgeon and Gull Islands in southern New Jersey.

The second manuscript describes ground-breaking research on energy loss associated with slurry flow in pipes. This is an important topic for dredging companies, both in terms of dredging system design and identifying potential areas to improve efficiency.

The last two manuscripts revisit several beneficial use sites that received dredged sediment over 40 years ago. They evaluate how well these projects meet the objectives set forth at the time of construction.

Volume 20, No.1 edition of the Journal of Dredging can be read online by clicking HERE.