Boskalis brings four dredgers for the Noordwijk campaign

For many decades Boskalis has been successfully carrying out beach and foreshore replenishment work to strengthen coastlines throughout Europe.


The company is currently working on the Wadden Island of Texel and near Noordwijk in the Netherlands, and in the spring of 2023 on the beach of the Wadden Island of Ameland.

The four sister vessels Causeway, Freeway, Shoalway and Strandway play a very important role in this type of work.

Most of the time they work alone or in pairs. Last week however all four hopper dredgers joined forces off the coast near Noordwijk.

In recent years, nourishments have been carried out off the coast of Noordwijk, both on the beach and on the foreshore.

For this latest campaign, Boskalis will deliver around 5.5 million m3 of sand providing the coast of Noordwijk with sufficient sand to guarantee safety for the coming years and to keep room for recreation and nature.