New ECT Marine workboat for French miners in Senegal

A new multi-purpose type workboat will ease the work of a French mining company in Senegal, operating in an artificial inland lake close to this African nation’s coast, ECT Marine reports.

ECT Marine

The customized WorkBoat 94 – successfully delivered by ECT Marine recently – is set to offer operational support of a dredging installation.

The workboat was designed and built in the Netherlands in a period of four months.

ECT Marine photo

The multi-purpose piece of equipment functions as a supply and support vessel for a dredger that performs mining activities on an inland lake in Senegal.

This vessel measures 9 by 4 meters, making it easily transportable by road, if needed. Also, the workboat is equipped with a deck crane and a wooden deck to transport goods from shore to the mining installation.

ECT Marine custom built the workboat to operate in conditions with debris in the water that can negatively influence the operation of regular workboats.

A propulsion system has been installed – less affected by debris and is easily accessible for cleaning. ECT Marine’s design meets the regulations of Bureau Veritas Class Inland Navigation.