City of Rye dredging project kicks off today

The City of Rye, New York, will later today begin regular removal of silt (dredging) from the Milton Harbor Navigation Channel.

City of Rye Police Department

According to the city, the crews will kick off channel dredging operations during low tides today at 5 AM (local time).

“The agreement calls for the removal of 20,000 cubic yards from the channel. The area of work in this phase of the dredge is from the American Yacht Club to the Harbor House,” the city said.

The contract also calls for the clean silt to be sent offsite to deep waters in Connecticut.

The City of Rye Boat Basin dates back to the 1950’s when the city purchased the land to build the marina. Because of factors related to tidal changes and the run off from the Blind Brook, the channel and basin require regular dredging to remain navigable.

Making the channel navigable for most boats, means dredging to a depth of five feet and width of 75 feet from the area just south of the Boat Basin to the mouth of Milton Harbor.