Swansea Channel dredging project on the way

Transport for NSW Maritime is working on a two-stage dredging program for the Swansea Channel that will improve navigation and provide access to the Lake Macquarie.

Neumann Dredging

The first stage which will begin soon is planned to be completed prior to Christmas. This involves the use of a barge-mounted excavator to dredge the shoaling, which is currently impacting on navigability in the area of the channel immediately upstream of Naru Point.

The second stage of dredging, set to commence in 2023, will dredge the channel from Pelican to Marks Point. It will result in a 60 metres wide channel which allows vessels drawing a maximum of 2.5 metres draft to transit.

This larger campaign intends to use a larger dredge vessel with the sand spoil to be pumped for nourishment on Blacksmiths beach.

Transport for NSW is also working towards the establishment of a long-term, sustainable dredging program to support boater access to key waterways. To improve efficiency, reduce costs and enable more consistent and frequent dredging to be undertaken in the future.