Hitachi launches ZW160-7 wheel loader

Hitachi introduced a new next-generation model from its Stage V-compliant wheel loader range recently at Bauma.


The ZW160-7 has been designed to put operators in complete control of their workspace with industry-leading safety features and unrivalled comfort in the cab. 

To protect the operator and machine from potential hazards, it allows a superior view from all angles – especially with the excellent visibility to the rear and either side of the narrow engine hood.

Hitachi photo

With the Aerial Angle camera system, operators also have an exceptional 270-degree bird’s-eye view of the job site, while the rear obstacle detection and warning system alerts them immediately if anything is close to the rear of the machine.

Also, with the new speed reduction option, the machine automatically slows down when an object or person is detected nearby.

Operators can also reduce fuel consumption by adjusting the traction force, based on the application, using the new traction control system of the ZW160-7.