New name for Rederiet Høj to reflect an international strategy

To support its international activities, contractor Rederiet Høj A/S takes on a new name, Høj Nordic Marine Contractor A/S.

Høj Nordic Marine Contractor

The new name is intended to give the company a stronger position in Northern Europe where climate related projects present a significant potential for growth.

The company has been active for two generations in the waters of Northern Europe. Today, it is strategically focused on marine construction in Norway, Sweden, Germany, the UK, and the Baltics.

Typical projects include dredging of port infrastructure, construction of piers and revetments, cabling, boulder clearance, and building of new artificial reefs.

Climate change has increased the demand for climate protection of cities and coastlines, and significant expansion in the building of new offshore wind farms has entailed a huge opportunity for the marine contractor all over Northern Europe.

The company will leverage its expertise and successful past marine projects to raise its profile as one of the leading marine contractors in Northern Europe.

Recently appointed CEO Michael Normann has worked with owner Søren Høj to establish this enhanced profile. The company is based in Horsens, Denmark, where it manages approximately 50 marine construction projects per year in waters in Northern Europe.

Michael Normann, who took on the CEO role as of 1 April 2022, is confident that the new name and a more strongly international profile will support the company in its international strategy.

“Our many successful projects in recent years have given us a large footprint all over Northern Europe. That’s why our name needs to reflect an international reach and presence,” commented Michael Normann.

“In the renaming process, it was important for us to preserve the corporate history, the owner’s name, and the excellent reputation of the Høj enterprise. Although the Danish letter “ø” was a challenge, I believe we found a good solution for the name and the logo. In this way, we carry forward the accomplishments of the past into a new era in which climate protection and offshore wind farms will play larger roles,” added Normann.