IHC General Dredging Course starts again in 2023

Royal IHC will once again organize their highly successful General Dredging Course – the two-week program taking place at the IHC Training Institute in Kinderdijk, The Netherlands.

Royal IHC

“From March 20 until 31, 2023 the IHC Training Institute is ready to equip you with full insights about all the aspects of dredging,” the company said in the update.

The course, designed for both technical and non-technical management professionals in dredging-related industries, will feature several excursions, a guest lecture about the Port of Rotterdam and a one-day simulator experience on an IHC BeaverĀ® cutter suction dredger.

During the course participants will take a tour of IHC construction yard and work on cases designed to support the theoretical classes.

Some of the topics to be covered during the course include:

  • Different dredging applications within a port;
  • Dredge project phases;
  • Dredging equipment types and boundaries for their use;
  • Scoping site conditions;
  • Fundamentals of hydrographic surveying;
  • Dredge project management including costs and contracts; etc.

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