Weeks CSD Captain Frank working at the Head of Passes (PHOTO)

Over the years Weeks Marine, Inc. has gained the reputation of being an expert in rebuilding marshland along the coastline of Louisiana.

Weeks Marine

Much of this marshland is no longer being replenished by the Mississippi River due to structural improvements along the river, primarily its channelization with rocks.

As a result, the river no longer branches out to feed the surrounding marshland, natural habitats for diverse wildlife like birds, gators, turtles and more.

Working with Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and numerous other governmental agencies across the gulf coast, Weeks restores and maintains the coastlines, providing hurricane and storm damage risk reduction systems while also recreating natural habitats to support a diverse range of wildlife.

Yesterday, the company released a picture of the 186′ cutter suction dredge, Captain Frank, working at the Head of Passes project.

For this restoration project, Weeks is rebuilding marshland along the coast of Louisiana that the Mississippi River is no longer replenishing.