Damen implements 3D Classification for dredging vessels concept

Damen Engineering has announced the completion of its first vessel design to be entirely created, reviewed and class-approved using 3D models in collaboration with Bureau Veritas (BV) and global maritime software provider NAPA.


The 2500 m3 dredger concept is the first Damen vessel concept to receive BV certification using 3D model-based classification approval (3D MBA) – a process in which class societies review and approve designs using 3D models rather than 2D drawings, the current norm.

Following this successful implementation of 3D MBA, Damen has confirmed that the process is already being applied to further designs including a 1000 m3 and a 4000 m3 hopper dredger.

Damen photo

These 3D model-based designs and approvals are supported by NAPA’s technology which enables Damen and BV to work collaboratively on the same 3D model throughout the design and review process.

From the very first project, the deployment of 3D MBA has yielded positive results, streamlining communication and saving time.

Critically, 3D MBA also eliminates a major potential source of errors, as Damen no longer needs to translate the 3D models it uses to design vessels into 2D drawings for class approvals, and then back again into 3D to implement the changes.

This first approval follows a partnership between NAPA and Bureau Veritas to implement 3D model based approvals using a neutral OCX file format generated by NAPA Designer that enables BV to perform its prescriptive rule checks and calculations utilizing its in-house tools MARS and VeriSTAR Hull.