Lake Worth Inlet dredging project set for next week

The Port of Palm Beach, Florida, has just release the latest update on the Lake Worth Inlet maintenance dredging project.


According to the port, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has planned to begin maintenance dredging of the Lake Worth Inlet next week.

USACE expects to mobilize equipment, including the pipeline that will connect to the north end of the Town of Palm Beach, as soon as February 1, 2023; with dredging commencing on or about February 8, 2023, the port said in the notice.

The contractor – Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Corporation – will be using a cutter suction dredge to accomplish the work in the channel and turning basin.

The dredging depth is set for 39 feet plus two allowable over dredge for outer channel, 37 feet plus two allowable over dredge for inner channel and 33 feet plus two feet allowable over dredge in the turning basin.

The Corps estimates that over the next two months, approximately 190,000 cubic yards of sand will be removed from the Lake Worth Inlet. The dredged sand will be placed on the shores of the Town of Palm Beach, at no cost to the residents of Palm Beach.

The last maintenance dredging project, which was completed in April 2022, removed approximately 290,000 cubic yards of sand that was used to replenish Palm Beach.