Emergency response: Amphibex dredgers help burning vessel in Mexico

Two Amphibex dredgers performed emergency response operations in Mexico recently.

AMPHIBEX by NormRock

According to the company, on January 10th, two Amphibex models AE450 stopped their dredging work to help a burning vessel in the Port of Muelle.

AMPHIBEX by NormRock photo

“We would like to congratulate the crews for their quick reaction,” AMPHIBEX by NormRock said.

With a total length of 10.85 meters, the AE450 is still the same as the 400 in weight and dimensions. It also totals a working weight of approximately 22 metric tons, making it easy to transport.

The AE450 offers almost the same pumping capacity as the 400 model with a 10 inches diameter output.