Dredging at Lymington Yacht Haven (VIDEO)

Each year, the Lymington Yacht Haven (UK) is undertaking dredging campaign which is essential to maintain the depth of 2.5m below chart datum for the marina.

Lymington Yacht Haven

The programme, dredging approx. 10,000 tonnes of mud every year until 2024, takes place at the Lymington River during November, December and January.

Then the crews come back into the marina from mid-January through March to dredge the Lymington Yacht Haven marina and retain the depth of 2.5m.

During the winter of 2022/23, the crews dredged K and L fairway and pontoons, starting at the shore end and moving outwards.

The works are being undertaken by the Yacht Haven’s own dredging plant, digger and barge.

View on Youtube.