Genoa gears up for busy cruise ship season

Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Occidentale, a member of MedCruise, is accelerating dredging operations to accommodate the large cruise ship arrivals expected in the summer months.


The operations speed up alongside the cruise and ferry terminal quays to ensure completion ahead of schedule and prepare the Port of Genoa for the busy summer months, informs MedCruise.

This dredging project has dual objective, to maintain and deepen the port’s waterways allowing safe arrival of the next generation ultra-large cruise vessels: the depth at the Ponte dei Mille Cruise Terminal is set to increase to up to -11 metres and to -10 metres along the Ferry Terminal docks.

Also, the project forms part of the wide-ranging plan to upgrade the docks of Genoa Sampierdarena’s cargo terminals and Old Port passenger terminals to improve accessibility by sea.

In order to guarantee the completion of dredging operations by the spring, around 3500 cubic metres of sediment is being excavated from the port’s area each day, equal to the size of a 4-storey building.