DEME, Jan De Nul introduce SEAVOLT

Dredging giants DEME and Jan De Nul, together with Tractebel, have introduced SEAVOLT© – a new offshore floating photovoltaic (PV) technology.


SEAVOLT technology (patent pending) can withstand harsh offshore conditions while creating large surfaces that are protected from the waves.

The modular design allows for easy adaptation to different sites and demands. Benefits include local renewable energy production and the possibility to install the panels in offshore wind farms (where local authorities permit multi-use concessions).

According to DEME and Jan De Nul, another advantage is the addition of large volumes of renewable energy capacity in a relatively short time.

DEME photo

The partners, together with Ghent University, started the VLAIO-funded research project MPVAQUA (Marine PV Aquaculture) within the frame of Blue Cluster four years ago.

A marine floater concept was developed together with initial research on effects on the marine ecosystem, integration of aquaculture, and a financial assessment.

Following laboratory testing, the partners are currently developing an offshore test installation which will be launched off the Belgian coast in summer 2023.

Furthermore, in collaboration with RBINS, parallel tracks focusing on the ecosystem, the environment and cost effectiveness are being launched with the support of the Energy Transition Fund and the Federal Relaunch Fund.