Dredging part of the Carey Island port project

Port Klang Authority (PKA), Malaysia, is working on a project that will require dredging in order to establish the new deep water port at Carey Island, Klang.


The scheme is aimed to create additional capacity to cater for future needs. It is seen as a port development to overcome the nearing full capacity of West Port as well as to develop Port Klang as a regional maritime hub on par with the dominant Singapore port.

According to the PKA general manager, Capt. K. Subramaniam, the RM28 billion Carey Island project is scheduled to be completed by 2060.

Most of the money will go towards terminal infrastructure, including the construction of the berths and the provisioning of equipment for operations, roads and utilities, digital connectivity, power and water supply.

“But before construction begins, there will be a lot of investments and efforts going towards land reclamation and dredging including the construction of a breakwater,” Subramaniam said.

“We need to reclaim land and dredge the waters, all this will take about four to five years. Our plan is to complete the preliminary preparations by 2025. We have a fair idea of what sort of development plan we are going to have, the potential development partners, the type of operations and the technology that is to be adopted,” added Subramaniam.

He concluded that the Carey Island project will be carried out in four phases – Phase 1 (2025-2030), Phase 2 (2030-2040), Phase 3 (2040-2050) and Phase 4 (2050-2060).