EDDY Pump Corporation presents Self-Priming Pump & Bucket

EDDY Pump Corporation recently presented a unique Self-Priming Excavator Pump & Bucket, the new patented design that features all of the benefits of the EDDY Pump Excavator Pump Attachment within a traditional rugged excavator digging bucket.


According to the company, this design allows higher production in hard digging environments, utilizing the true digging power of the excavator and bucket teeth.

The unit incorporates an EDDY Self Priming Slurry Pump into an excavator digging bucket along with mechanical agitators for high solids pumping while using the hydraulic power of your existing excavator.

Easily fitting on smaller excavators, the Self Priming Excavator Pump & Bucket can pump up to 600 cubic yards of material per hour at distances of up to a mile using a 20-ton excavator.

The patented Eddy Pump Self-Priming Excavator Pump & Bucket allows for up to 50% less cost, maintenance, and assembly time.

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