Superior float solutions from EZ Connect

EZ Connect Floats – a global manufacturer of float products – recently launched the advanced line of patented, flexible, superior float solutions designed for various industries.

Photo courtesy of EZ Connect Floats

The company offers three main types of float products: hose floats, pipe floats, and cable floats, all made from polyethylene material (red in color). These provide excellent durability and buoyancy.

Also, these ensure maximum efficiency in various applications. The product lines are available in various sizes to accommodate different hose diameters, pipe diameters, cable diameters, and lengths.

It provides stability to hoses, pipes, cables and prevents them from sinking, making them ideal for use in dredging, and mining. The other applications of these products are in sewage and water treatment, oil and gas, lake excavation, and offshore.

To learn more about EZ Connect Floats’ float solutions, visit their website.