CSD Megalodon – The latest addition to UDMC fleet

Union Dredgers & Marine Contracting (UDMC) is expanding its dredging fleet with the new cutter suction dredger (CSD) Megalodon. 

UDMC photo

The new dredger, currently the largest in the UDMC fleet, has a discharge diameter of 560mm, a maximum flow capacity of 4500m3/h and a maximum dredging depth of 15m, in addition to a discharge length of 2000m.
Commenting the latest news, Managing Director, Hatem Darwish, said: “The acquisition of another cutter suction dredger this year enhances UDMCs ability to undertake dredging works of a significantly larger scale whilst fitting comfortably into our existing expertise and fleet.”

“As a specialist coastal marine contractor, UDMC’s broad range of equipment will enable us to carry out projects of varying nature such as dredging, pipeline installation and revetment works.”