EXCLUSIVE: Boskalis’ TSHD Gateway gears up for Melbourne dredging campaign

Over the next few weeks, Boskalis’ trailing suction hopper dredge (TSHD) Gateway will be very busy in the Port of Melbourne, said Warwick Laing, Harbour Master – Port of Melbourne.

Boskalis photo

The giant dredger will conduct critical maintenance dredging of the port’s channels, swing basins and berth pockets.

“I was lucky enough to be onboard today along with Ports Victoria resident dredge expert Daren Korwa to see their operation firsthand,” said Laing.

“The Boskalis crew, led by Captain Kaido Kaja demonstrated the range of highly specialised skills, teamwork and coordination that is needed to perform a complex operation like this.”

The Gateway has a hopper capacity approximately four times the capacity of the typical dredgers used for maintenance campaigns. As a result, the 2023 dredging campaign will run for seven weeks compared to approximately 20 weeks for a typical maintenance program of the same scope.

The 2023 maintenance dredging will occur within Port of Melbourne channels in the following areas:

  • North of the Yarra River services crossing including silt traps and Swanson Dock swing basin,
  • South of the Yarra River services crossing including silt traps and Webb Dock,
  • Station Pier including swing basin and approaches,
  • Williamstown and Port Melbourne Channels,
  • South Channel and a limited area of the Entrance.